Amy Rims studied painting and art education at Tyler School of Arts Temple University. After working in the education field with children with special needs, she went on to host arts shows to bring artists together because  she remembered that no one creates in a vacuum and that artists need a place to come together and share ideas. She believes art is not a commodity, it is not produced to satisfy the wants or needs of a consumer, art is a form of self expression. Each piece created, contains an insight into the soul of its creator. Amy draws inspiration from interconnections found in nature and the community. She has an intense fascination with ancient texts including the bible, Buddhist Jatakas, ancient Hebrew mythology, and Native American folktale. She seeks out ways to visually insert ancient stories into her narrative paintings. She continues to explore the world unseen, especially the symbiotic relationship of mycorrhizae, how mycelium, roots and creatures underground work together to feed and nurture each other, in a way we should be inspired to nurture each other.  

Amy would love to paint for you or assist you with your event. Fill out the form on the contact page for more information about commission work or events.